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*Almost half of our students scored a distinction in the 2017 A-level Examinations

“My Maths grade went from an ‘C5’ to ‘A1’. Thank you!” ― Tan Mei Ling, 2017 O-level Exams

Your Education is Important to Us

That’s why we find the best Maths teachers, have dedicated syllabus committees, and source for materials from the best schools. We go to extensive efforts to make every resource readily available to our students. Our syllabus is updated and carefully adjusted after every major examination. So that when our students take the Maths examinations, we have quiet confidence in their ability to outperform their peers.

Unlike other tuition centers, we have chosen to focus only on Mathematics because we believe it is where our core strength is at. Our team of specialist math teachers teach only mathematics. All our teachers are university graduates, and work with us on a full-time basis. Our classrooms fitted with HDTVs and tablets to engage students in understanding and mastering mathematical concepts. Our library of materials boasts an extensive archive of past examinations, school handouts, and past examination questions.

Since Math Lab was started 12 years ago by two Mathematics teachers, we have now grown to 7 branches around Singapore, with thousands of students being taught by a team of highly qualified Maths teachers. Together with our team, we will continue to bring you one of the most effective and engaging Mathematics learning experiences in Singapore. 

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Qualified Teacher-Tutors

Dedicated and highly qualified math teachers using time-tested methodologies in great learning environment that provides tutoring support all the way from Primary 1 to JC Level.

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Experienced Home Math Tutors

We are hiring! If you are a committed math whizz with a love for imparting maths knowledge in a fun, engaging manner, contact us today for math tutoring opportunities.

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Term Dates & Fees

The Math Lab terms are designed to run concurrently with school term dates as much as possible but please always check with us to ensure your child receives the best educational journey with us.

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Our Students

5 out of 10 students obtained a distinction
83.5% scored a ‘B’ or above
97.3% registered an improvement in their results
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Working With The Education Lab

The Math Lab collaborates with The Education Lab (A specialist MOE Syllabus company) to come up with syllabus and teaching materials that put our students at the forefront in mastering mathematical concepts.

Our Syllabus Teachers meet with MOE teachers from The Education Lab every week to revise and update our core teaching materials. Such meetings also allow us to share resources and obtain access to the latest MOE examination papers and testing trends.
Students will have access to the full range of mathematics materials offered by The Education Lab, apart from our own library of books and school materials. This allows our students to have one of the most comprehensive archives of mathematics papers available in Singapore.

The recipe for success

Each child’s learning need is different and unique. We are aware of this and ensure that children with dyslexia or other learning difficulties can still perform to their highest potential with our quality teaching methodologies. Our math tutors have a big heart for teaching and will give each child the extra attention and time that they deserve.

Confidence is key

Confidence is a crucial element to a child’s progress. A typical child has to battle hard to be heard in the average class size of 40 students during lessons. At the Math Lab, each student gets personalised attention from their tutor and our class size is limited to 5-12 students.

Help them level up

If you feel your child can have the potential to perform better, the Math Lab will help your child to reach the next level.

Exam preparation

At The Math Lab, we are confident that we have the resources and experience to help your child achieve their best.

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