Choosing The Right Tutor

By September 18, 2023Home Tuition

Selecting the right tutor for your child takes some careful thought and consideration. Before you hire a tutor, check out these tips to make the right decision.

Get your child’s cooperation
Talk about the area of concern with your child in a positive way. He or she may want help if you explain the problem. There may be some apprehension on the part of your child, but your encouragement can make the process easier to handle.

Think about the Type of Tutoring
A small group class might be right for your child, but for another child, one-on-one instruction is important. You might choose in-person or online tutoring. Find out the maximum number of students in the class. Think about location and how often you want your child to be tutored.

Ask for Recommendations
Talk to your child’s teacher or school principal for recommendations for tutors. Your school district might maintain a list of tutors as well. Check your local parenting magazine or website. Another good resource for tutor recommendations is other parents.

Check the Tutor’s Qualifications
See whether the tutor has experience tutoring the subject your child needs help with. If the tutor holds a college degree and has finished a tutor or teacher training course, he or she may be of great help to your child, even if the person is not credentialed to teach your child’s grade level. Find out how many years of experience the tutor has and his or her style of teaching. Observe the tutor’s attitude and demeanors with children before hiring him or her as well.

Look at the Tutor’s Record
Does the tutor have records that indicate definitively that he or she has helped students improve grades and test scores, or have better rates of homework completion?

Communicate with your child’s teacher, your child, and the tutor about the areas in which your child needs help and the areas in which he or she is progressing.

Ask for Progress Reports
Your tutor may offer progress reports and a redefinition of learning goals every so often. Ask that your child’s tutor keep track of how he or she is doing. Also, support your child and the tutor by having your child practice for each tutoring session.

Iron Out the Logistics. Find out your tutor’s cancellation policy, and how much / how to pay him or her.

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