Class Information

  • Lessons are once a week, 2 hours in duration
  • All class teachers are full-time employees, many are 1st Class Honours 
  • Most teachers are MOE registered
  • All lesson materials are provided 
  • Fees are collected every 2 months (8 lessons)

Highly Experienced Maths Teachers

Our classes are taught by only the best Math teachers. Our teachers have extensive experience as well as an established track record. All our teachers are full-time, and all are university graduates.

A Well-Planned Syllabus

Every year, our lesson syllabus for all levels is crafted by a selected committee of experienced MOE teachers. Our syllabus is also updated continuously to align closely with the official M.O.E. syllabus in schools. As a result, we teach one of the most comprehensive and detailed maths syllabus available today.

Tracking Each Student’s Progress

We closely track every student’s progress to ensure they are learning well. We also seek constant feedback from parents about the teacher’s aptitude towards their child. This helps us identify learning problems early and fix them. So when our students take the exams, parents know their kids are performing at their best.

Comfortable Classrooms

Our classrooms are designed to be spacious and clean. All classrooms also have HDTVs & tablets for presentations. We use conference-style tables to facilitate group discussions, and adjust the termostat so our students are cool, comfortable, and can focus on the lesson at hand.

“Thank you so much! I made it! I've made it to NUS”

Janice TanVJC

“I really liked the teaching style. And 3 of my friends have now joined the same class.”

Kewk Ling LiACJC

Maths Standard Class

Class Fees

We offer 2 types of classes, the (1) Intensive Class & (2) Standard Class.

Intensive Classes: are smaller (2-6 students only), and follow a more comprehensive syllabus (covering all aspects of each topic in detail). Intensive Class students also receive a fully-printed materials packet.

Standard Classes: are large classes (6-12 students), and follow a less intensive syllabus (covering all topics, but not every aspect of each topic). Students will get a standard materials packet instead.

  • Lessons are once a week, 2 hours long
  • Fees are collected every 2 months (8 lessons), and are collected 3-weeks in advance
  • One-time $40 registration fee & $60 materials fee for new students
  • Payment by cash, cheque, or ibanking (using PayNow or FAST transfer)
  • 1st month is considered a trial period, students may stop at anytime (unused class fees will be refunded)

Primary 1-3

$ 280 / 380

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

Primary 4-5

$ 320 / 420

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

Primary 6

$ 380 / 480

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

Secondary 1-2

$ 320 / 420

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

Secondary 3

$ 380 / 480

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

Secondary 4 & 5

$ 420 / 550

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

JC 1

$ 380 / 480

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

JC 2

$ 420 / 550

Standard Class / Intensive ClassPer Month

Small Classroom

Class Features 

  • Smaller class sizes for more individualised attention
  • Experienced full-time teachers
  • Clean, comfortable classrooms with HDTVs & projectors
  • Short, bite-sized lessons goals 
  • Quick marking & response times 
  • Repetition and revision every week 
  • Extra practices from weekly homework

Lesson Breakdown 

Our classes comprise a mixture of (1) lectures, (2) tutorials, and (3) practice & feedback sessions. During lectures, we introduce new topics, guide students through exam scripts, or go over class handouts. For tutorial sessions, lessons reinforce what was covered during lectures, and sometimes teachers guide students through complex maths problems. And during practice & feedback sessions, students are given practice papers to do, which the teachers will then go through, explain common mistakes, and provide solutions. Somtimes, teachers may advise certain to stay back after class if they did particularly poorly in a certain paper to give individual feedback.

Cirriculum Goals 

We strive to achieve a balance of pushing the students as hard as possible, while also tempering their workload so that they can genuinely enjoy learning maths. We seek to promote a student’s independent learning skills, so that students become more self-reliant, and confident in their ability to do well ― and not just for maths but for every subject they take. Some students learn a little more slowly, some students need more practice, but we believe all students benefit significantly from the constant support and quality instruction that we provide in our classes.

Main Classroom

Our Commitment To You: Excellence In Teaching

We are committed to teaching to the best of our ability, to bring out the maths prodigy in every student. Importantly, we commit to helping every single student in the class, regardless of their current standard.

We do this by pooling our resources, cross-referencing each others’ work, and by seeking the best academic materials from MOE schools and publishers. We want you to know that your education is important to every one of us at The Maths Lab. And we are here to help each student get through the exam one step at a time. So whether the student is taking the PSLE, the O-levels, or the A-level examination, you can be assured that every aspect of the exam paper has been revised in detail.

Very Small Class Sizes

In many tuition centers, teachers teach a large class by reciting notes while standing in front of the class. Large classes are economical but does not allow teachers to spot individual weaknesses. Also, students tend to be shy about asking questions. 

Small classes allow us to teach at a personal level. In order to effectively teach every single student, we have kept our class sizes very small. Our intensive class size is 2-6 students, and even the bigger Standard Classes have only 6-12 students. This allows our teachers to better relate to each student, and understand every student better. We also observe better class participation rates, and faster student progress in our smaller classes. 

Teacher-Student Meetings

Each student has different questions, even in group classes. Sometimes, students are hesitant to speak out in class.  That’s why we have 1-to-1 Teacher-Student sessions, where teachers meet individually with each student about once a month.

The sessions allow students to seek help individually, and help teachers build a good relationship with the student. Because when we understand our students, and students trust us, it is much easier help them succeed.

  • 1-to-1 Teacher-Students meetings are held every month
  • Each meeting is about 20 mins long
  • Allows teachers to give individual feedback to students
  • Builds rapport & a good relationship with students

5-Tier Syllabus Fits All Students

Our syllabus has 5 different tiers, or 5 varying progress levels, to adapt to the needs of different students. Not everyone learns at the same pace, and some students need to progress a little slower. Many schools attempt a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to teaching. Where schools move at a mandated learning pace that may not be suitable for everyone.

At The Maths Lab, we created a unique 5-tier syllabus model to help cater to the needs of every student. An approach that allows even our weakest students to keep up and improve steadily, yet enables our best students to move on to mastery of the subject.

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no math “secret” to success. It simply takes ― practice, practice, & practice. In our cirriculum, students practicing a topic over and over again. We approach a topic from different angles, giving different solutions, so students fully understand the principles behind each solution. 

Learning Perseverance 

We believe every child can succeed, they just progress at different paces. But above all, we believe that perseverance is most important predictor of success. If a student is willing to work hard & persevere, then we will go the extra mile with them. 

Teacher’s Day

Often, it’s the little things that make it all worth it. On teacher’s day, every teacher is reminded of how much we are appreciated. And we are both humbled & inspired by the thoughtfulness of our charges.

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