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Updated 16 Jan, 2020: The Maths Lab is a dynamic medium-sized Singapore SME, and we are growing rapidly! We are seeking maths tutors to teach our Primary, Secondary, and JC students. If you have been a private maths tutor or a school maths teacher before, take a moment to talk to us.

If you are selected to join us, you will:
(A) receive a rewarding salary
(B) have a balanced work-life schedule
(C) make friends with a fun & enthusiastic team of academic nerds!

To apply, please fill up the form on the right. Or you may call us directly at 6475-0624 (ask for Ray or Shaun). 

We may also contact you for:
(1) Profile photo of yourself
(2) Your resume

We will respond within 1 to 2 working days.

The Maths Lab Team

What We Look For:

We’re looking for motivated, team-oriented people who make things happen. During our first interview, you’ll likely find us to be informal & enthusiastic, yet proficient at what we do. We think people work best when they’re interested in what they do.

When we talk to you, we are looking out for three things:

(1) Your Reliability

We will be entrusting you with our students, and other important tasks. We seek people who are responsible and pro-active. Your responsibility & reliability is very important to us.

To teach well, you do not have to be a top scholarship recipient. But you have to be willing to learn new things, to navigate new problems, and to deal effectively with students.

(2) Ability to Communicate

To effectively help students, we have to be able to communicate with them. Not just at a teacher-student level but also at a personal level.

We are looking for teachers with good oratory & listening skills. We are particularly impressed with those who can articulate a difficult maths concept in a manner the student can easily comprehend.

(3) Your Goals in Life 

We are interested getting to know you. Who you are as a person. Why you are applying to teach.

To work effectively as a team, we would like to understand your needs, as well as your longer term life goals. Please feel free to speak to us candidly about your goals and your dreams. We do care about you, and your well-being.

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