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Dear Students & Parents,

Since our inception 8 years ago, we have been dedicating ourselves to bringing you a more engaging and effective learning experience. We are solely focused on empowering students to reach their full potential in the Math.

We started out as 3 law students giving tuition to help pay off our university loans. We achieved success with our tutoring services and raised enough money to work with MOE teachers who helped us fine-tune our syllabus and develop strategies to prep students for their exams. When our students’ scores saw an amazing improvement, we grabbed this special opportunity to start up The Math Tutor, which is specially focused on Math.

To our wonderful students, understanding parents and dedicated teachers – THANK YOU. Your trust and support in us created this incredible new opportunity that is now ahead of us.

Our team will continue producing and achieving the same engaging and effective learning experience that you expect of us. Thank you for joining us on our journey to excellence!

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