Is There Any Advantage In Taking Further Mathematics?

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Most JC students would consider taking Further Mathematics at ‘A’ Levels only if they are exceptionally strong in mathematics or have a special interest in the subject. This applies even to students who intend to pursue math-intensive subjects at university level, including subjects like data science, information technology, engineering, physics, chemistry, or statistics.

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The Famous Monty Hall Problem

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The famous Monty Hall problem is used by educators to get students to think about the concept of probability and chance. It is often introduced in math probability classes for junior college, polytechnic and university students, and sometimes even in secondary schools.

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How to Create a Maths Exam Revision Schedule

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Mathematics is one subject that demands constant practice and revision. Firstly, of all the subjects taught in school, mathematics is arguably the most abstract. Students require constant revision to keep the concepts, formulae, and problem solving techniques fresh in their minds. Secondly, mathematics is a subject in which simpler concepts and problem solving skills must be thoroughly mastered first before the more difficult levels can be tackled. Read More