Home Tuition

Our Home Tuition programme was borne out of numerous requests by parents to tutor their children at their residence during exam periods. Since it started years ago, our Home Tuition programme has a very established a track record ― with hundreds of students being tutored by our teaching team each year.

  • Lessons are 2hrs, once a week
  • Students get highly individualised attention
  • Students generally see significant result improvement
  • Many of our teachers are 1st Class Honours graduates (ask for our certs)
  • Our home tutors are the same teachers teaching at our centre
  • Lessons follow our Intensive Syllabus plan
  • All lesson materials are provided

Professional Full-Time Tutors

Our 1-to-1 home tutors are the same teachers that teach in our centre classes. Many of our teachers are scholarship recipients themselves, with numerous 1st Class Honours. All teachers are our full-time staff, and most have 7-15yrs of experience. Many teachers are also MOE registered.

Improvement In Results

Our Home Tuition is a highly effective Maths tuition programme, and students generally see a visible improvement in results. This is because students receive very individualised attention in 1-to-1 lessons, and teachers are able to directly focus on a student’s weak areas. As the student improves, tutors expose the student to more advanced questions so they gradually start to outperform their peers.

Specialised Lesson Plans

Our tutors prepare lesson plans specifically for each student, so that the lessons fit the learning curve of that particular student. Lessons are also structured to effectively use tuition time. Our Home Tution program uses our Intensive Syllabus materials. All materials are provided by us, and students will have everything they need for the class.

1-to-1 Classrooms Available

If your home is not conducive for having home tuition, we have 1-to-1 classrooms available as well. There is no extra charge to use these rooms (although they are subject to availability). These rooms are useful for students who need a quiet & comfortable environment to focus during lessons.

Find a Home Tutor

Speak to us (click the Whatsapp icon) or fill up your request below. We will respond (within 1 day) to help you find a suitable tutor.

Please also tell us your (1) location, (2) available days & time for classes (eg. Mon 3-7pm), and (3) briefly about your child’s personality.

1-to-1 Classroom

Home Tuition Fees

We have different fees for (1) Senior Teachers and (2) Associate Teachers.

Senior Teachers: are our most experienced & proficient teachers. Most of them are ex-MOE teachers, and many are scholarship recipients themselves. Fees for Senior Teachers are generally more expensive.

Associate Teachers: comprise most of our teaching team. All teachers have at least 5 years of full-time teaching experience, and all teachers are university graduates.

  • Lessons are once a week, 2 hours long
  • Fees are collected every 1 month (4 lessons), and are collected 2-weeks in advance
  • One-time $40 registration fee & $60 materials fee for new students
  • Payment by cash, cheque, or ibanking (using PayNow or FAST transfer)
  • Missing Classes: If you can’t make it for a class, we will schedule a makeup class for you. If that is not possible, we will cancel the class. Fees for the cancelled class will not be counted. We allow up to 1 class to be cancelled per quarter.
  • Our Refund Policy: 1st month is considered a trial period, students may stop at anytime (all unused class fees will be refunded, inc. $40 registration & $60 materials fees)

Senior Teacher Fees

Primary 1-6

$ 80-150/hr

Secondary 1-4

$ 80-150/hr

JC 1-2

$ 90-170/hr

Associate Teacher Fees

Primary 1-6

$ 50-90/hr

Secondary 1-4

$ 60-100/hr

JC 1-2

$ 60-100/hr

Why is there a wide range of fees for tutors? 

The reason our tutor fees are so varied is because we have a wide range of teachers (all of whom specialise in teaching maths), but each teacher has their own unique set of qualifications and teaching experience levels. Generally, tuition fees for highly experienced & highly qualified teachers tend to be higher. Overall, there are (4) main factors that determine the fees of our teachers:

  • Student Improvement Rate
  • Experience Level of Tutor
  • Positive Parental Feedback
  • Academic Qualifications of Tutor

(1) Student Improvement

Students come for maths tuition primarily to master the subject matter & improve their grades. We understand this. And so every teacher has a specific responsibility towards improving each student’s grade in Maths. Teachers who are proficient at teaching, and whose students improve significantly, are more popular and command higher teaching fees.

(2) Experience Level

Teachers with more years of experience (particularly with MOE schools) usually have higher fees. Notwithstanding, all our teachers have a minimum of 5-years teaching experience. Teachers with more experience are not necessarily always better teachers, but overall, we do see a correlation between experience levels and their ability to teach well.

(3) Positive Parental Feedback

We regularly ask parents about the performance & teaching aptitude of our home tuition teachers. Often we ask if the teachers are (a) reliable, (b) punctual, and (c) pro-active in teaching & marking tasks. Teachers who are serious and professional in their tutoring work are reciprocated with higher salaries.

(4) Academic Qualifications

Our teaching team today comprises of teachers who are alumni from some of the top universities around the world. Many of our teachers were scholarship students themselves, and worked hard through to university graduation. Teachers with exceptional academic credentials and scholarship merits will have slightly higher fees rates.

2021 Exam Results
(For Our Home Tuition Students)

  • 78% of PSLE students got distinction (A* or A)
  • 8 / 10 O-level students scored A1 or A2 (E-Maths)
  • 6 / 10 O-level students scored A1 or A2 (A-Maths)
  • 5 / 10 A-level students got an ‘A’ (H2 Maths)

*Figures only apply to students learning with us the entire academic year

Home Tuition Features

  • Students get highly individualised attention
  • A customised study plan
  • 1-to-1 students usually see significant results improvement
  • All tutors are university graduates (many are 1st Class Honours)
  • Lessons follow our Intensive syllabus plan
  • All learning materials are provided

Lesson Breakdown

Our lesson for home tuition follow our Intensive Syllabus plan, but are specifically prepared for the needs of an individual student. Our home tuition classes generally comprise (1) tutorials and (2) practice & feedback sessions. Tutorials are meant to introduce new topics, and provide students with an overall understand of the topic. Usually teachers go through class handouts and school notes with the student, coaching them in problem solving methods for that topic. Practice & feedback sessions are the backbone of our home tuition curriculum, where students, through practice and revision, grow to master the subject matter.

Curriculum Goals

Our broad-based goal is to help our students to outperform in the exams. Right from the first lesson, the teacher will ask for the student’s past exam papers to review. This is so we can come up with a study plan as soon as possible. Our home tuition programme is designed to initially help students obtain a thorough understanding of the topics & subject matter. And moving later towards improving their problem solving skills through practice & revision. Because our lessons are highly customised and attenuated to the specific needs of the student, our home tuition students generally improve faster than group-based tuition.

Class Handouts

Our Commitment To You: Professionalism & Responsibility

Our home tutors are the same teachers that teach at our centres. And as with our centre classes, we are committed to teaching our home tuition students to the best of our abilities. You will find our teachers to be professional, reliable, and proficient at teaching.

Beginning with your first phone call to us, you will find us to be professional & responsive in all interactions. Our support staff (& sometimes our teachers) will take your call and answer your questions. We understand you may be anxious about your child’s maths performance, and we are available & ready to help you as best we can. Starting from selecting a suitable teacher, to scheduling the first class, to payment options, and later on to assessing your child’s progress― we will guide you each step of the way. Call us today to see how we can help.

Curriculum Planning

Our Teachers

  • We have over 30 specialist Maths teachers
  • A core group of Maths PhD teachers oversee our curriculum
  • All teachers are university graduates
  • Many are 1st class honours (ask for our certificates)
  • Most have 7-15yrs of teaching experience
  • All teachers are full-time staff

Highly Qualified

We attribute most of our success in teaching Maths to one crucial factor ― our teachers. We work very hard to ensure we have one of the best qualified & experienced team of Maths teachers in Singapore. Our selection process is rigorous; and all teachers are assessed every quarter by their students, as well as through parental feedback channels. Above & beyond teaching proficiency, we prize teachers that demonstrate responsibility and pro-activeness – responsibiliity towards their students, and pro-activeness when performing teaching tasks.

Very Experienced

At least 5-yrs of teaching experience is required before we hire a teacher (most of our teachers have 7-15yrs of experience). We believe teaching experience is important not just to learn the subject matter, but also to deal with the complex needs of different students. Highly experienced teachers are usually able to deliver content in a way that is both understandable and meaningful to the student. Our best teachers are those are able to connect well with the students, and earn the student’s trust, and who then coax the students towards improving themselves in the subject.

Each Child is Supported by Our Entire Team

Even when we assign a home tutor to your child, that child has the support of the entire team here at The Maths Lab. Every student is assigned both a tutor and a supervising teacher (at the office). Collectively, they are responsible for both the lesson plan & the academic progress of the student. If the tutor is sick, we have alternative teachers to stand-in, so you never miss a lesson close to the exams. And if necessary, your child may also seek help from other teachers at the centre. Here at The Maths Lab, our team is committed to helping every student in every way we can. 

Teacher-Parent Updates

We find students improve the best when their parents are concerned & vested in their progress. We seek to update parents at least once a month to appraise the parent of the student’s progress, as well as to raise any concerns we may have. If necessary, we ask parents to come down to the office so we can better explain the child’s difficulties in learning, and what we are doing to help your child improve. We believe that an open & honest communication channel between the tutor & the parent is important, to allow us to do our best in helping your child improve.

Our Tuition Coordinators

Speak With Us Today

If you would like to ask about the possibility of home tuition, call us at 6475-0624 (we are open everyday, including public holidays). We will explain our Home Tuition programme works. Whether you want to know how to select a teacher, or whether you simply want to ask about our schedule, our tuition coordination team is here to help you.

Whatsapp Group With Parents

We often set-up Whatsapp groups between the parent, student, and tutor so that everyone can be on the same page. We have found this to be an efficient way of communicating with the student, while allowing the parent(s) to be on top of the week-to-week lesson plan and homework assignments.

Re-Join Group Classes

Home tuition students who have significantly improved their grades have the option of joining our group classes. Group classes tend to be more interactive, and students learn better then they exchange ideas with each other. Fees for group classes are also lower than for home tuition.

Quarterly Parents Feedback

About every 3 months, we (from the office) reach out to all parents to ask for feedback about the currently-assigned tutor. In particular, we want to know if the tutor has been (1) punctual, (2) reliable, and (3) effective. We use this ensure that your tutor has been effective & diligent — and if necessary, we will change the tutor for you.

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