Does Your Child Really Need Maths Tuition?

By May 21, 2023Math Tuition Classes

Maths tuition has steadily grown in popularity over the years. While some students are naturally gifted and can easily score a good grade in mathematics, many are struggling with a syllabus that seems to get more complex each year. Here are a few key reasons your child might need maths tuition.

(A) The syllabus is constantly changing and questions are getting harder.

The Ministry of Education has been constantly updating the school syllabus, and the maths curriculum in particular, to keep up with changing times. There has also been a shift toward introducing topics that emphasize applying mathematics to the real world. In addition, questions are also getting harder, as school exams seek to identity the best students out of the cohort.

With an increasingly demanding syllabus and more challenging exam papers being set with each passing year, your child might need extra tuition to give him or her an extra edge through more practice and having someone assist with revising the topics in a systematic manner. An experinced tutor can also pick out challenging questions and highlight important problem-solving strategies that can be difficult to identity and master in the school classroom setting.

(B) Getting a strong foundation early is important in mathematics.

Mathematics is a subject where getting a strong foundation as early as possible is important. A good tutor can quickly identify and fill up conceptual gaps in the student’s thinking process at an early stage. Tuition also offers the opportunity to gain exposure to a wider variety of questions and nudges the student to engage in more consistent revision and practice.

(C) Preparing ahead of classes is helpful for some students.

Some students use maths tuition as an opportunity to read or study ahead of the school classes so that they can be better prepared for lessons. This is particularly helpful for students who need a lot of time to gain a basic understanding of the material taught and might find the normal classroom pace too quick for their needs.

With the school syllabus getting more complex and demanding, many students do feel that lessons in school can be rushed, especially near major tests or examinations. Tuition offers an avenue where the material can be introduced to the student at a more comfortable pace ahead of time.

(D) Tuition is also helpful for crash courses in maths exam preparation.

Near examination time, students may have difficulty seeking help in school as their teachers have to attend to large classes and a wide spectrum of students. Some students are also more shy to ask for assistance when there are many other eyes watching. Tuition can offer a more relaxed environment where the student does not have to compete for attention with other students and can clarify doubts or seek help with challenging problems without distraction. Tuition can also be of great help if the student needs to revise a large amount of material in a short span of time.

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