Holiday Bootcamp (Sec4 E-Maths)

Our annual June Holiday Bootcamp is 2 full-days of intensive revision. It is designed to enable our Sec 4 E-maths students to get fully up-to-speed on every single E-math topic taught in school. The ultimate goal of the Bootcamp is to give our students a tangible head-start as they prepare for the GCE O-level E-Math examinations.

Date & Location

  • On June 14-15 (Holidays), 9.30am-4.30pm
  • Location: Singapore Shopping Centre (near Dhoby Ghaut MRT
Bootcamp Programme

  • 2-Full Days of Highly Intensive Revision
  • Taught by our best teachers Dr Ng & Alvin Au
  • Students can Expect a Significant Revision Headstart
  • Intervals with Fun & Exciting Math Games
  • All Class Materials Provided
  • Snack & Refreshments Provided
Bootcamp Fees

  • $450.00 (Registrations before 15 May, 2021)
  • $500.00 (Registrations from 16 May,2021)

Taught By Our Best Teachers

This Bootcamp will be conducted by Dr Ng & Alvin Au, both are considered as 2 of our best Sec 4 E-Math teachers. Together, they will guide you through a step-by-step intensive revision of all topics covered in the Sec 4 E-Math MOE syllabus. They will also give you useful insights, and useful examination tips & strategies to guide you as you prepare for the final O-level exams.

Intensive O-level Preparation

Our annual Holiday Bootcamps are a series of intensive lectures & tutorials spread over the course of 2-days. The Bootcamp is designed to allow students to make full use of the holidays to catch-up on weaker topics. Additionally, students will also get a significant head-start in their GCE O-level revision. During the Bootcamp, we help students create a study plan extending through to the Prelim Examinations. Students will also benefit from the comprehensive maths materials to be given out during the Bootcamp.

Fun Games, Friends & Snacks

Join us for exciting Math games (such as Kahoot! & IXL), and use the snack breaks to interact with others and make friends. Our highly interactive Math Games are designed to help you understand certain maths comcepts better & improve your question response times ― all while having fun and making friends. All in all, we hope you will have a very productive & interesting 2 days with us.

Join Our Bootcamp Now

Early registrants get $50 off (before 15 May).

To speak to us (1) click the Whatsapp icon or (2) fill in your details below. We will reply in 1 day. Feel free to ask us questions, we will be happy to help! Space is very limited due to safe-distancing. Talk to us today.

2019 Bootcamp

2021 Bootcamp Programme

This Bootcamp provides intensive training in the various Sec 3 and Sec 4 E Maths topics that students often have difficulty with. We will be providing lots of materials & notes to help students get started on their O-level E-Maths revision, so just bring a pen, and put your thinking caps on! Towards the end of each day, our teachers will also be available for short one-to-one consultation if you have any particular questions with math & revision techniques.

Maths Topics Covered

  • Algebraic Expressions & Formulae
  • Angles, Triangles, & Polygons
  • Congruence & Similarity
  • Coordinate Geometry
  • Equations & Inequalities
  • Functions & Graphs
  • Matrices
  • Properties of Circles
  • Probability
  • Problems in Real World Contexts
  • Trigonometry & Pythagoras’ Theorem
  • Vectors in Two Dimensions

Bootcamp Objectives

  • Providing a Rapid Overview of All Major E-Maths Topics
  • Easy Ways to Remember Key Formulae
  • Techniques for Handling Easy-to-Difficult Practice Problems
  • Mastering Intensive Exam-Style Questions
  • Get Students To Plan Their Revision Schedule
  • Motivation, Support & Encouragement for Students

Early Registration Fees (Before 15th May)

$ 450.00

Registration Fees (from 15th May onwards)

$ 500.00

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