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We are currently looking for tutors to help teach mathematics to our Primary, Secondary, and JC students. If you have experience tutoring in mathematics before, and are enthusiaustic about working with kids and teenagers, take a moment to talk to us.

How We Interview:

We’re looking for motivated, team-oriented people who make things happen. During our first interview, you’ll likely find us to be informal & enthusiastic, yet proficient at what we do. We think that people work best when they’re interested in what they do.

So when we talk to you, we are looking for three things:


We will be entrusting you with our students, and other important tasks. We need people who can take care of their students, who are responsible and motivated in helping students.

To be a great teacher, you do not have to be a top scholar, but you have to be willing to learn how to teach and how to interact with students. If you have at least a few years of experience teaching, then this should be no problem at all.


To effectively help students, we have to be able to communicate with them. Not just at a teacher-student level but also at a personal level.

We are looking for people with good listening skills; and we are particularly impressed with those who can articulate mathematical ideas in a manner the student can easily grasp and comprehend.

Why Do You Want To Teach

We are interested in finding out about you. Who you are as a person, and why you are applying to teach.

To work effectively as a team, we try to understand the needs and priorities of each of our teachers, coordinators, and administrative staff. So feel free to speak with us about your needs and motivations, it’s the easiest way to see if you will fit in nicely with our team.

To Apply To Be A Tutor:

Please send an email to with the email title “Application“.

Please include:
(1) A short paragraph briefly introducing yourself
(2) Profile photo of yourself
(3) Your resume

We will respond within 1 or 2 working days. Thank you!

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