Finding the Best Tuition Centre: 6 Questions To Ask

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Tuition centres are like any other commercial services, and you want to understand exactly what kind of teacher, class, and syllabus you are signing up for. Use these six important questions to guide you in picking the best tuition centre.

(1) Class Size

The class size is one of the most important factors you should consider when picking a Maths tuition Centre. Many tuition centres have enormous class sizes and simply pack as many students as into a class as possible to achieve higher revenues. In these large classes, it is often difficult for students to ask specific maths questions, Leading teachers to mistakenly believe that since no students has asked any questions, they fully understand the maths subject matter being taught. But also remember that very good teachers often have large classes because there are a large number of students that want to be taught by these teachers. Thus, you should weight the credentials of the teacher against the size of the class to make an informed decision.

(2) Teachers Qualifications & Experience

A surprising number of parents do not ask about the qualifications of the teacher that will be tutoring their child. Instead leaving the decision to the tuition centre, and assuming that the tuition centre will simply assign one of the better teachers to teach their child. Most tuition centres have a few good teachers, and many more mediocre teachers. So chances are that your child may not end up with one of the best teachers. Read More

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